Vibrational Universe

The Electric Universe theory has gained more popularity within the last decade. While I’m not completely convinced that our universe is made up entirely of a vast network of electric currents, all running different amounts of electro-magnetic energy, I definitely believe that our universe is based on vibrations (waves of energy that can be felt as vibrations in the body). This is because for sometime, I have moved through the world feeling people’s, animal’s, and situational vibes and then making decisions and choices from that starting point.

How did I get here? It has most likely to do with the course Mastering Alchemy. It’s a great course in self-discovery and healing, and while many students had a lot of their clairvoyant and clairaudient capabilities enhanced, I had my clairsentience enhanced, feeling everything mainly through subtle vibrational waves.

I bring this up because it’s also the way I communicate without speaking, especially to plants and animals who are open to receiving a wave pattern from me and allowing me to access their wave patterns. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not have elaborate conversations about the weather with these guys. Their perception of their world is so different than us, it’s sometimes hard to come to a matching vibe where I can even begin a communicative exchange. Sometimes I have to wait for a long time before I even get an agreement from an animal, like I had to do for the lizard that lives in my room. I opened up contact so I could tell the lizard to keep away from me when I sleep. We have established an agreement that it does not come near my bed, and the closest it can come is the wastebasket. Fortunately, the lizard has kept to this agreement.

Now, sometimes, I can open up communication with bodies of energy, like a thunderstorm or a cloud in a sky. Then I take an umbrella or not. Some people naturally do this with their intuition. For me, it might be that my mental, analytical, mind is too strong that my intuition gets muted, but my clairsentience always seems to be on and accessible and works accurately for me.

One day in February of 2020, I tapped into an energetic group (collective) that was identified as Covid-19 by us. I call it a group of energies because that’s what it felt like, a series of fuzzy vibrations, later when I tapped into last Friday it had streamlined completely and was quite different. But first, back in February 2020, I wanted to know how far Covid had spread since all my students in China told me they were giving up their plans to go to a summer study program in the U.S. because the programs would probably be all shut down due to Covid-19. At the time, the U.S. had only a few identified cases and the alarm hadn’t been raised (mainly due to the president’s inaction).

So I sat one afternoon at my desk and opened up a connection to the energetic entity known as Covid-19. In my heart, I stayed with the question: where are you an energy problem for humans? Clairvoyance is not my strongpoint but an image of the human body in x-ray form emphasizing the heart and lungs, affected by a weak thymus presented itself immediately. From what I know about the thymus gland is that it is active until 13 or 14 years of age and then after that it shrinks and no longer functions. Apparently, if the thymus didn’t shrink and kept working after puberty, we’d all live much longer lives. I know that a healthy heart chakra can reactivate subtle aspects of the thymus even in adulthood, and so I presented the next question: the heart chakra’s job? Again, an image of an electro-magnetic sphere, emanating from the thymus through the heart and shielding the body appeared in my mind. From then on, I was convinced that a strong heart chakra would protect people from being infected with Covid.

However, last Friday as I was getting ready for the heart session, I opened up a communication field for Covid-19, and the vibes had changed! It had the same signature vibes, so that I could identify it, but it was smooth and clear. It had developed and evolved, but not in the way we call it (mutate); it has evolved so that the various frequencies that make it up allow it to cut through different timespace dimensions. In short, the virus we’re dealing with is an interdimensional energetic entity. I know, that sounds like Star Trek, right? But this is also why a traditional injected vaccine won’t keep us from getting infected with Covid.

Okay, then what will?

Transcendence into a different timespace dimension by creating a higher vibration throughout the entire physical body. (It’s only the third blog post and I don’t think Heart Session is an accurate name any longer). I’ll elaborate on this more in the next session on Friday the 16th (at 10:00pm, Bangkok time). Join me on Zoom through the link below. See you then!

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Becky Choi

Expat in Chiang Mai, retired woldweller, and in search of the perfect dimension